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Hybrid battery reconditioning

    I hear it all the time. “When you need a new battery for your hybrid vehicle, all the savings will be gone.” I will have to disagree with this statement. I purchased a 2011 Prius with 200,000 miles, a year ago. Many of you may think I’m crazy for this. The car was clean inside and I wanted to have to make repairs to it. The Hybrid battery was original along with the Brakes. That’s right 200,000 miles on original brakes! This winter I noticed we would park the car with a full hybrid battery and the next day it would be very low. Awesome, this is the reason I bought a high mileage car.     We have had training on Hybrid battery reconditioning. We know how to do it. We wondered however, how well does it work? My crew and I wired in a loom to the high voltage battery being careful to follow all the proper safety measures. I will point out that these batteries can kill you if proper techniques are not used. I therefore recommend thi ... read more


Hybrid Vehicles

Tires and Wheel Alignment

Tires and Wheel Alignment

    Todays cars last longer ride better and are more efficient than ever before. Along with that has been significant changes in Tire and Suspension Technology. These changes affect Tire wear handling and the way the car drives. We now sell Tires that last 80,000 miles or more. Here are some Items that can adversely affect tire wear.      #1.Wheel Alignment and worn steering linkage- If your steering wheel is not level when you drive on most roads, your alignment is off. This is the #1 cause of tire wear. If the toe in ( how parallel your front tires are with each other) is off just 1/8 an inch its equivalent to pushing your car sideways 7 feet every mile you drive! When Technicians can feel play in steering linkage its usually at least 1/8 an inch.     #2. Wheel balance- proper wheel balance can help keep the tires on the road and not vibrating. When I first balanced Tires in my teens if you had the imbalance below ½ an ounce ... read more

The 300,000 mile Vehicle

       You may hear stories of vehicles being worn out after 100,000 miles. While this was a very good possibility 30 or 40 years ago, todays cars last much longer. With the advent of fuel injection, and better oil standards, engines have seen increased fuel economy, better performance, and increased longevity. Today’s automobiles are capable of 300,000 plus miles if maintained properly. I have seen three vehicles in recent years attain over 450,000 miles! I have personally Owned multiple vehicles with over 300,000 miles.     Your automobile is likely one of your largest investments second only to your home.  Protect that investment with routine maintenance. I recommend a complete vehicle inspection at least twice a year by an ASE certified technician. This will locate any potential safety concerns as well as inform you of needed maintenance. This will allow you to budget for needed repairs. Quick lube centers are great at changi ... read more

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