How To prepare Your car for Winter

    It is time to start thinking about back to school and preparing your vehicle for winter. This is the Time of year to test and inspect Battery and cable ends, Tires, brakes and Coolant as well as wiper blades and light bulbs on your car. Don’t wait till your car wont start on the first cold day to think about your vehicles needs. Shorter days means more travels in the dark. This makes things like Wiper blades and lighting very critical. Look at your cars headlight lenses, they can become cloudy with age which tends to diminish the distance you can see in front of your car at night. These can be repaired to deliver near new performance to your headlight bulbs.

    I realize we don’t want to talk about it, but winter is just around the corner. Winter driving demands the most of your tires. Half worn tires can decrease traction by more than 60% on rainy , snowy or icy roads. In icy conditions traction comes from all the small grooves or sipes in the treadblocks. Rainy or snowy roads need the space in between treadblocks to channel away water and snow, allowing the rubber to hit the road. As the weather gets colder the pressure in your tires will decrease causing that dreaded tire light to come on. By adjusting your tires air pressure monthly this can keep that light off. Make sure to use the pressure listed on the tire placard located in the drivers door jamb.


Fall Car Care
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