Tires and Wheel Alignment

    Todays cars last longer ride better and are more efficient than ever before. Along with that has been significant changes in Tire and Suspension Technology. These changes affect Tire wear handling and the way the car drives. We now sell Tires that last 80,000 miles or more. Here are some Items that can adversely affect tire wear.

     #1.Wheel Alignment and worn steering linkage- If your steering wheel is not level when you drive on most roads, your alignment is off. This is the #1 cause of tire wear. If the toe in ( how parallel your front tires are with each other) is off just 1/8 an inch its equivalent to pushing your car sideways 7 feet every mile you drive! When Technicians can feel play in steering linkage its usually at least 1/8 an inch.

    #2. Wheel balance- proper wheel balance can help keep the tires on the road and not vibrating. When I first balanced Tires in my teens if you had the imbalance below ½ an ounce the car would ride great. Todays suspension and wheel packages have changed that. For a great vibration free ride today we need to balance within 1/8 of an ounce or less depending on the model.

    #3. Shocks or Struts- your vehicles shocks (and/ or Struts) help keep the wheel from bouncing. We have all seen that vehicle on the interstate where their tire is hopping or bouncing completely off the ground.  This example is an extreme case of neglect. This is can be caused by worn out shocks and improper balance. This type of wear can usually be noticed as high and low spots in the tread.

    #4. Rotations- by changing which end of the car your tires are on can help also, front tires often wear quicker than rears simply because the front wheels turn as the vehicle turns a corner. By rotating the tires every 6,000 to 8,000 miles they will all wear uniformly.

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