Who Doesn’t Love Trucks, SUVs, & Jeeps?


Whether it’s the dead of winter or middle of the summer, a truck, SUV or Jeep is always a good purchase! Trucks and SUVs have saved U.S automakers for many years and will continue to do so as sedan and sports car sales decline. These vehicles are fun to drive and take us places that traditional sedans simply cannot.

The market share for GM, Ford, and Chrysler when it comes to trucks and SUVs has proven to be consistently high while the foreign companies dominate the small car and sedan markets. Companies expect sales for all three car types to continue rising as we move into 2020. 

Trucks are deeply rooted in the farmers’ lifestyle after being replaced by wheelbarrows around 1925. This drastically changed the process of transporting food and has now become a major status symbol for Americans. They are America’s workhorse, always there for you during a move or home repair project. A truck is versatile, both on and off the road and in both situations you are higher off the ground. Great for seeing traffic ahead or beautiful views while off-roading! Plus, every family or friend group needs ‘the person with the truck.’
SUVs are the ultimate auto for practically anybody due to their versatility and high performance. In the past, if you wanted to buy a performance car, you would have to enter into the performance car market, but SUVs now provide style, capability, and high performance. Like trucks, they also have off-roading capabilities and have the ability to perform well on ice during the winter. Their build, however is what attracts many people due to its large size and spacious interior. A great combination for big families, especially those who like to travel and go on road trips!

The real question is, who wouldn’t want to own a Jeep? With military roots back to WWII, the Jeep became known as a rugged, reliable, and durable vehicle that could, “Go anywhere. Do anything.” The Jeep earned its slogan from its off-roading culture and by tackling anything that came its way, unlike most cars on the market. Americans love freedom which is exactly what the Jeep offers. The Wrangler is famous for the iconic image of driving on a warm sunny day, windows down, and music blasting. It has created a tight community that hosts Jamboree events for Jeep owners to connect and tackle driving on challenging terrain. Jeeps hold their value and are just plain cool!

Trucks, SUVs, and Jeeps, OH MY! Each one has something unique to offer but all of them are fun and functional. When you’re ready to buy something new to you, we invite you to schedule an appointment with us and see for yourself why Williamson’s Repair & Tire is one of the top-ranked auto repair shops in the Des Moines region. A pre-purchase inspection is always in your best interest! 


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